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Ron Phares & Company
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experience in the
Insurance Industry.

First to arrive

at Metrolink Derailment Disaster
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5:55 a.m. A trespass driver entered the SCRRA right of way at the West Chevy Chase Drive grade crossing in Glendale, California. He drove his vehicle onto the west rail south of the signal gates; doused the vehicle’s interior with gasoline with the intention of committing suicide...

Staff Qualifications & Expertise

Ron Phares

38 yrs. Exp

Specializing in: Mediation, Transportation & E & O
Education: Bachelor of Science, Law, Glendale College
L.L.B., Glendale College of Law

Mark Czachow

Claims Administration Manager
18 yrs. Exp

Specializing in: Settlement Negotiations, Third Party Administration
College Degree: B.A. in History, Cal State University, Northridge
Specialized Education: Toxic & Hazardous Materials Control & Management
Certification, UCLA, 1992
Registered Environmental Assessor, California EPA

Lawrence W. Ofstedahl

Claims Manager, San Bernardino County
27 yrs. Exp.

Specializing in: Property Damage, Truck and Auto Liability, General
Liability and Products Liability; Property Loss and Construction Defect Specialist.
Education: B.A., Cal Lutheran University.
Allstate Property Damage Training School.
Licenses: Private Investigator’s License, 1992
General Contractor’s License, 1988
Insurance Adjuster’s License, 1983